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EX-20 Centri Precleaner  2" $  135.00
EX-25 Centri Precleaner  2.5" $  169.00
EX-30 Centri Precleaner  3" $  191.00
EX-40 Centri Precleaner  4" $ 225.00
  EX-50 Centri Precleaner  5" $  259.00
EX-60 Centri Precleaner 6" $  299.00
  EX-70 Centri Precleaner  7" $  329.00
  EX-80 Centri Precleaner  8" $  335.00
  HHEX-20 High Heat Centri Precleaner $  139.00
  HHEX-25 High Heat Centri Precleaner $  179.00
  HHEX-30 High Heat Centri Precleaner $  209.00
  HHEX-40 High Heat Centri Precleaner $  239.00
  HHEX-50 High Heat Centri Precleaner $  279.00
  HHEX-60 High Heat Centri Precleaner $  309.00
  HHEX-70 High Heat Centri Precleaner $  349.00
  HHEX-80 High Heat Centri Precleaner $  369.00
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1. Dirty air enters the CENTRI®, which is clamped onto your equipment’s air intake.

2. Specially-designed vanes, curved and angled to precisely direct air flow, move the dirty air toward the stainless steel impeller.

3. The dynamically balanced, one piece impeller (CENTRI®'s only moving part)
creates a tornado inside the housing.

4. The centrifugal force of the tornado expels the heavier than air dirt particles, chaff, dust, snow, rain, etc., out the discharge louver

5. Cleaned air enters the engine intake pipe, and the filter element has only the very light particles to remove.

Note that there are no external piping, evacuator valves, bowls, braces or brackets, which can malfunction and affect the efficiency of the CENTRI® Precleaner.

The results?
• Cleaner Air for your Equipment!
• Longer Filter Element Life!
• Increased Engine Life!
• Increased Engine Performance!
• Reduced Operating Costs!
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