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The World's most dependable Precleaner!
There are almost as many different engine models on the market today as there are applications. In many of these applications, engines must function in environments, which can be hazardous to optimum operation. A CENTRI® precleaner can help maximize engine perofrmance by extending air filter life up to 12X, increases engine life and overall performance.

CENTRI® Removes

Dirt, Dust, Chaff, Sand, Snow, Debris

Why is CENTRI® the best?

The CENTRI® by DRM Diversafab Corp. is designed with the air-flow-through principle featuring:

* Eight (8) different CENTRI® models to cover your clean air requirements from 50 to 1600 CFM
* Heavy duty, non-rusting aluminum and stainless steel construction, yet lightweight, requiring no additional clamps or supports.
* Self-cleaning, maintenance free design.
* Curved and angled vanes to direct the air flow to maximize cleaning efficiency.
* Stamped one-piece stainless steel impeller is precisely balanced, eliminating vibration, noise, and premature bearing failure.
* Easy installation features allow for mounting the CENTRI® Precleaner in any position, including inverted.
EX-25 - 2.5 Inch Precleaner
EX-30 - 3.0 Inch Precleaner
EX-40 - 4.0 Inch Precleaner
EX-50 - 5.0 Inch Precleaner
EX-60 - 6.0 Inch Precleaner
EX-70 - 7.0 Inch Precleaner
EX-80 - 8.0 Inch Precleaner


Longer filter life
Increased Engine Performance
Reduced Operating Costs
Need a Precleaner or Accessories? Call us! we can get it out usually the same day! Quantity discounts available!